Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the procedure for admission to Langdale Place?
A: The prospective resident will schedule a meeting with the Executive Director. After a tour of the grounds, building and appropriate unit, the Prospective Resident may then be put on a waiting list. The Prospective Resident will be notified when the unit is available. Paperwork must be completed prior to the move-in. No deposit is required to be on the waiting list.

Q: What residential services can be offered at additional cost?
A: In addition to the standard services provided in the monthly fee, Langdale place will provide, at additional cost, the availability of the second and/or third meal(s) each day, guest meals and guest accommodations. Catering for special occasions, beautician and barber services, manicure and pedicure services, items from the Sundry Shop, personal laundry and dry cleaning services, planned group activities in the larger community for concerts, theatre productions, ballet, etc., planned tours and travel opportunities are also available.

Q: What are Langdale Place ancillary health care services that are not included in the monthly fee?
A: Langdale Place will arrange for ancillary health care services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitative treatments and equipment, ambulance service, limited pharmacy or laboratory test at additional costs to the resident. Each resident is required to designate a licensed physician as his or her personal physician and is responsible for the cost of physicians’ services.

Q: What happens when a resident becomes ill or injured and needs attention?
A: Langdale Place has an RN (Nurse Care Manager) on staff. Certified Nursing Assistants are available 24-hours a day. They may be contacted by either telephone or emergency call system located in each resident’s room and bathroom. The staff will provide the resident with immediate attention and will contact a physician, call an ambulance or offer emergency assistance, if necessary.

Q: How is level of care determined?
A: The Executive Director and Nurse Care Manager meet with the potential resident. The evaluation, along with the physician’s prepared history and physical report, is used to determine independent or personal care accommodations. For personal care, an individualized plan of care is completed by the Nurse Care Manager. The amount of care required will place the resident in Level I or II (See definition of Levels of Care).

Q: How often are levels of care assessed?
A: Levels of care will be assessed on move-in, during or directly after hospitalization and at the end of each quarter.

Q: What happens when a Personal Care Resident requires intermediate or skilled care?
A: The Nurse Care Manager will work with the resident, family and physician to assist with the transfer to an intermediate or skilled facility. This assistance can include assistance with making an appointment for a tour of prospective facilities, assistance with completion of required paperwork and scheduling transportation for required lab or radiology tests.

Q: What other means of financial support is accepted?
A: Langdale Place is a private pay facility. Veterans Assistance may be available. Long-term insurance will cover personal care residency. All outside incomes are to be received by the resident. Langdale Place only receives payment from resident/family.

Other questions and concerns – please contact Jan Brice, Executive Director.

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